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2018 Young Scholars Announced

The Center for Religion & American Culture announced its 2018 Young Scholars in American Religion. Religion in American History would like to give a hearty congratulations to the new cohort: Joseph Blankholm, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara Melissa Borja, Assistant Professor of American Culture at the University of MichiganChris Cantwell, Assistant Professor of History at the University of Wisconsin-MilwaukeeMatthew J. Cressler, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at the College of CharlestonSarah E. Dees, postdoctoral fellow at Northwestern UniversityJamil Drake, Assistant Professor in the Religion Department at Florida State UniversityKatharine Gerbner, Assistant Professor of History at the University of MinnesotaSamira K. Mehta, Assistant Professor at Albright CollegeShari Rabin, Assistant Professor of Jewish studies and Director of the Pearlstine/Lipov Center for Southern Jewish Culture at the College of CharlestonAl…

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